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Learning tension

 Sept 25 2018

Are you afraid of learning? Of going to a challenging and confronting learning program? Silly question, right? 

Well, actually, no it isn’t.

Many people fear putting themselves outside of their comfort zone. And ...

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Psychological contracts – do they matter?

21 Sept 2018

What is a Psychological Contract?

It is long known and felt that the relationships between an employer and employee (or employees) is challenging and problematic. This dynamic relationship is ...

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Training: for Compliance, Performance or BOTH?

21 Sept 2018


You spend money on training your employees, but do you know why?

The two reasons for doing so are Compliance and Performance.

Compliance is about making sure your employees know and understand the legislative requirements and contractual arrangements applicable...

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Are you wasting opportunities to keep good people?

21 Sept 2018

Many businesses hesitate to invest in the training of their workers, especially if they have high turnover. The thinking is “They’re probably going to leave anyway, so why bother training them?”

Zig Ziglar says it best in his quote “The only thing worse than training employees...

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The cost of peace of mind - priceless

21 Sept 2018


Recent media attention around compliance and competency has created a level of anxiety that has some business owners concerned. And, if they aren’t concerned, they probably should be.

We have read about competency concerns in relation to a cyclone ...