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As lifelong advocates for learning, we provide training, learning and development consultancy services that will add value to your business by increasing productivity and employee loyalty.

Explore, investigate, discover and enjoy the wonders and delights available to you and your employees.

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Supporting Your Business

Accolade Consultancy provides consulting services in the Learning & Development area. We specialise in building and shaping learning programs that will deliver results. 

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"Our organisation has important messages to convey to designers and operators of plants handling bulk solids. The inherent complexity of the processes involved makes the knowledge tacit however it is amenable to experiential learning.

Andrew at Accolade Consultancy helped us to understand what learning was really all about, and shifted our mindset into something quite special."

Grant Wellwood, General Manager, Jenike & Johanson Pty Ltd


Our approach

We will find the best training and learning programs to deliver the best outcomes. Our approach is to go through discovery, design and implementation phases. We engage with actual decision makers within your business. Our bespoke investigative methodology means that together we will find the best possible solutions. 

Learning & Development Solutions for your Business in Perth 

Whole of business learning



A strong psychological contract with your employees will deliver outstanding results, such as:

  • Reduction in turnover
  • More adaptive and resilient workers
  • Higher levels of ingenuity and innovation

 Whole of business learning programs will grow more adaptable and resilient workers, with more passion and ingenuity, who will drive and grow your business results.

Accolade Consultancy in Perth

Learning programs


Never before have so many learning options been available to you, and sorting good from ordinary requires a deep understanding of what these programs will deliver. We source and implement learning programs that empower outstanding people, who will reward you with their loyalty and passion.



Funding sources come and go, but there is always some funding available. We can help you to source available funding, and show how your learning programs could generate positive cashflow.

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